Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Not in control

My body is not cooperating with me right now. Sunday after church I passed out while driving and ran off the road. The Lord blessed me and made sure that I didn't hurt anyone else or myself. I spent Sunday night in the hospital for observation and came home Monday. I have more test to be run Thur and Fri to try to find out what happened.

I have lost alot of energy and the doctor will not let me drive alone till he figures out what is happening. Its very humbling to come to reality that I'm really not in control of anything in my life. I may think I am and go through day to day activities thinking I have control of what I want to do next but unless my Creator allows me to do anything it just will not happen. Thank you Father and my Lord Jesus for letting me do the things I do. I will make every effort from now on to be more aware of Your control and try to be grateful for everything, not somethings, not "important" things, but everything in my life.

If I don't blog or answer blogs for awhile its because I'm not at work and able to find time to do so. So those who read this please pray for me. Do not pray that my life will return to "normal" but pray that our God will give me faith to trust Him and do what He says and have an attititude of humility about life. Apart from Him I can do nothing.

Friday, June 17, 2005


to kc a friend in LA Lower Alabama

If I had my way I would just read other blogs and take up space on them making comments.
But you seem to be nudging me to take the time and blog for myself. Its not easy to try to put in words my ideas and thoughts and write them down, but like the proverb says about iron sharpening iron you seem to be trying encourage me to blog things for myself. (thank you I hope LOL).

I may be asking for your help in trying to make my blog page more presentable and how to establish links to other blogs I like, so get ready I may be asking more questions than you would like. So don't blame me, its you thats driving this!

My short blog here for today is:

We had a storm come through last night and it broke alot of limbs out of my two maple trees in the front yard. I will be busy all weekend cleaning up. My first thought was...Lord I understand you may be pruning the trees here, but don't you think you went a little to far on mine. Of course who am I as the creature to say to my creator that He may have messed up.
So this blog is short..........but it is a blog casey and Lord willing and your persistance they will get more interesting.

Have a blessed day and weekend.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005


Is he in Heaven?

My third or fourth (it doesn't really matter) cousin who was 33 years young died early Sat. morning, his name is Walter. No results from the autopsy yet, but we suspect a drug overdose.
He grew up in a home that was awful. His parents took drugs and dealed drugs all their life. He probably has used drugs since he was 8 years old. He was married when he was 18 and had 5 girls ages 15 down to 6. He came to a turning point in his life about 4 months ago. My first cousin (Ricky) went by his house at that time and found him in despair and shared the gospel with him. Walter accepted Christ and shared his new faith with his whole family and they all (7) were baptized at our church a week later.
Walter stayed sober from drugs for the next 30 days and passed a drug test to go to work for the company I work for. He worked 3 days and couldn't handle it. He went back home and progressively started back into drugs. He told several lies to Ricky and I to make up excuses for not trying to find a job. His mind was really messed up, I understand why, he has been on some kind of drug since he was 8 years old.
When Walter was "saved" he clearly had the joy of Lord in his heart and was changed, in fact he lead his brother to Christ and his family was baptized a couple of months ago.
My question, is Walter in Heaven? Was his mind so messed up and his body so addicted that he couldn't stand the pain of freedom after being in prison so long? I want to believe this, but I am too close to the situation. I would welcome any comments pro or con, this question is not to start a debate, just to hear others opinions and experiences.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005


I need more time.

I want to share more of my life and thoughts NOW! but I haven't the time this time of the year to blog as much as I want to.
I have been traveling to Birmingham AL lately and will be most of the summer. Its hard to find time to "think out my thoughts" in writing. So when "I have time to find time" I will write some more. What time I do have for internet I usually spend reading other blogs. I would hate to give up that blessing just to blog right now.

I sit in a Hampton Inn at this moment in Birmingham typing this almost worthless information of what is going on right now in my life. I very much like the people here I have met, except for those that drive cars and put others in danger just to get somewhere minutes, even seconds faster, by cutting someone off [Lord please have mercy on me in relation to my thought life when I see these drivers]. So I will close this blog with the thought of coming back here in the next couple of weeks with a banjo on my knee but always looking both ways.

May God in Christ bless you all who read this.............. even if you are one of those drivers.

Till next TIME

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