Friday, May 06, 2005


why am I here?

I have been wondering sometimes about why I am here on earth.
What is the meaning of my life is another question I have at times.
I know that I am a sinner and that Jesus Christ has paid my way for a relationship with Him. But sometimes I feel something is still missing. I don't feel this way all the time but sometimes I do. God has blessed me with a wonderful family, a great job and a church home. I know our church is still inmature to some extent (problably because I am there LOL) but I see the Lord doing things in our church and community that could only be done by Him. You see we are not always well organized and we are without a pastor at this time, in fact there hasn't been a full time pastor there since Dec. 2003, but God is sending new believers to our church fairly often. When I first started there (First Baptist Cement) in August of 2004 there were around 35 attending Sunday Schoool and church. Now there are around 65 attending. Our town has a population of around 550 and has 5 churches. On Wednsday nights we have around 75 youth, some from other churches and some that do not attend any church. Why do we have so many youth? I know some attend for social reasons and thats ok, they won't hear much about repentance of unbelief in Christ anywhere else and some attend because they truly love God and want to be around others that do.
The only thing I can relate to about why I am here is my family and church and maybe the job I have. I get restless and sometimes apathetic about my life, but I guess thats just being a part of a fallen world. I wish Christ would come soon, I know I am going to be ashamed of alot of what I've done with my life, but I hope thats the reason God says that He will wipe every tear away, He's talking about us weeping over what we are ashamed of and being in His presence will make all that disappear from our memories. Thats all I have to say at this time, if anyone would, please comment so I know I am not just typing to myself.

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