Friday, June 17, 2005


to kc a friend in LA Lower Alabama

If I had my way I would just read other blogs and take up space on them making comments.
But you seem to be nudging me to take the time and blog for myself. Its not easy to try to put in words my ideas and thoughts and write them down, but like the proverb says about iron sharpening iron you seem to be trying encourage me to blog things for myself. (thank you I hope LOL).

I may be asking for your help in trying to make my blog page more presentable and how to establish links to other blogs I like, so get ready I may be asking more questions than you would like. So don't blame me, its you thats driving this!

My short blog here for today is:

We had a storm come through last night and it broke alot of limbs out of my two maple trees in the front yard. I will be busy all weekend cleaning up. My first thought was...Lord I understand you may be pruning the trees here, but don't you think you went a little to far on mine. Of course who am I as the creature to say to my creator that He may have messed up.
So this blog is short..........but it is a blog casey and Lord willing and your persistance they will get more interesting.

Have a blessed day and weekend.

May God bless you Kris! Anything, anytime, anyway I can help I will. I really think your perspective on your life is already interesting enough to make a great blog and I’ll be glad to take the “blame” for this one (heck I’m proud to!). Thank you brother you made my day. :-)
I never would have looked at it from the perspective of God's way of pruning!
I found this an interesting and funny post. You can blame Kc but take the credit:-)

God's Grace.
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