Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Lark News Dot Com

I was surfing and ran across these "news stories" at Lark News
It was hilarious and thought I would post them here. I hope I don't get thrown in copyright court. At least i did link to them, surely they would appreciate the dozen or so readers i may reach for advertisment.

Teens ditch inauthentic friend

LEXINGTON — Three college-age friends have stopped hanging out with a fourth friend who quit relating to them in a genuine way, they say. "He wasn't letting his heart out," says one friend. "He was obviously going through stuff he wasn't sharing with us." But the banished friend, Tommy, remains clueless why his friends suddenly withdrew from him. "I didn't quit being real with them," he says. "I just wanted space to process some things going on in my life. I didn't realize they'd ditch me for it."

The foursome has been inseparable since high school, and even attended the same Christian college together. Their relationship is based on complete honesty, they say. "Sharing your personal garbage is part of the deal," says one friend. "That's what friendship is about. Apparently Tommy didn't value that as much as we do."

Tommy now bums around the dorms alone, hoping to strike up conversations. The other three have agreed to meet with him to determine if Tommy has "quit wearing a mask." If Tommy gets the nod, they plan to spend five or more hours talking about how they all felt during the recent schism. "I hope they let me back into their lives," Tommy says. "I feel authentically lousy." •

Weaker brother asked to leave men's group

ATHENS, Ga. — Tired of accommodating their legalistic friend, members of a men's group have asked Harold Beihn to loosen up or move on. "His standard of personal holiness fits us a little too tight," says one member. But Beihn says he just "wanted my guys to be holy as the Lord is holy. I think God put me in their lives to remind them of the rules."

By all accounts, Beihn's lifestyle was out of synch with the others'. He vetoed most activities the other guys wanted to do because they "didn't accord with righteous living." This ruled out movies, sporting events, even bowling because the atmosphere at the lanes is "too loose," says Beihn. Beihn also took accountability so seriously that he often called the other men at 7:30 a.m. and asked, "Did you kiss your wife yet?" If the answer was no, he'd report them to the men's ministry pastor.

The situation recently came to a head when everyone but Beihn wanted to play darts and drink beer every Monday night in their garages, creating a casual venue for inviting unsaved friends. But Beihn had a major hang-up with it. "He kept saying, 'Darts, I can handle, but beer — I can't go there, guys,'" says one member. Subsequently, the other members asked Beihn to leave the group, saying they were "moving in different directions." Beihn joined another group, which he enjoys and whose members "run a tighter ship, morally speaking." "They have respect for the rules I live by," says Beihn. "We get along great."•

Wednesday, March 22, 2006


short of the glory of God!

Romans 3:23 for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God,

This verse has been used endless times by Christians in the presenting the gospel message to unbelievers using the "Roman Road" method.

We always put the emphasis on 'all have sinned,' and rightly so in trying to persuade the person that no one is without need for believing on Jesus as their Saviour.

But I have some questions and would like the input of all who happen to read this.

1) What is the glory of God in regards to us His creation?
2) If we had not of sinned what would we be like if we hadn't fallen short?
3) Does our falling short imply that there is some of God's glory still there within us whether we are born again or not?

This is just something that has been on my mind today.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Is this news?

Is the news we get, getting more mean or is it just me thinking this?

Has anyone noticed that most all of the news we see is just people on different sides of issues being mean to the other side? There is absolutely no content, only the debate of issues by the same blow hard "political anal-ist" on every network. I know its been bad for some time, but it just seems to me that its gotten worse in the last 3 to 4 months. Why do we have to constantly find fault and blame for everything? Why does all the news out of Washington have to be anal-ized to see if one side or the other will have the upper hand during election time? WHY? WHY? Is this what Paul was talking about when he said the love of most will grow cold?

Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Theology and mind masturbation

Theology-Sometimes it’s really only mind masturbation

I love theology, I like to learn & figure out what God has said in His word to us about Him and who He really is. But sometimes I just get burned out on it. I end up deceiving myself thinking I know more of God when in reality I just know more ABOUT Him.

I love to fill my mind with knowledge about the bible and spiritual things. This is not all wrong, but when it turns into puffing myself up, it ends up being mind masturbation. I believe that I have a gift of understanding of the knowledge of God’s word. But this gift is a gift that Jesus gave me when He called me to Himself, it is nothing in me in case some were to think it was (LOL), no… I have a pretty strong feeling I was the only one thinking this. Of course some think I don’t have this gift at all.

When I fall into the trap and deceive myself thinking it is me then I end up forcing what I think is the truth on people and arguing needlessly over theology. This leaves me dry & empty because I have set my mind on the flesh and deceived myself instead of setting my mind on the Spirit. Paul says in 1 Corinthians 13:2 if I have the gift of teaching and knowledge but do not have love then I am nothing. Wow that hurts. If my mind is not set on Spirit, if I am not walking by the Spirit then it is not love. If I am masturbating my fleshly mind with knowledge then I am so caught up on myself that I can’t see, I can’t see that I am only loving myself instead of others. This gift is for others, not only me, and the Lord can’t use me to help others because I am not listening to Him I am too busy turning the gift given to me into an idol in place of Him. I have turned to knowing ABOUT God instead of simply just knowing Him.

Just knowing more ABOUT God leaves me empty, aggravated and burned out in my soul and spirit. I am not posting here to say theology is wrong or not needed, it is needed very much, but the danger is simply knowing ABOUT the One who created me and thinking all is well in la la land and not really knowing Him as He relates to me personally in my life. John 17:3 and 1 John 5:20 clearly states that eternal life is knowing Jesus Christ. It is not just knowing ABOUT Him.

But even after being the stupid sheep that I am, my God and my Lord still loves me just as I am, He still wants me, He still desires that I really, really know Him. Is that just awesome or what? This makes me so grateful that His ways are not our ways, His ways are higher than our ways, His ways are dying for me instead of casting me away in my sin.

So by the grace of God I will just back off awhile and spend more time being a doer of the word instead of a just wind bag talker. I will post more on my site here and less on other sites. I know God loves me and I know I love God. I just want out of this body so I can love Him like I should. But that is up to God not me, right now I am what I am in this body so please pray for me when you can.

Anyway this is just a confession I needed make. I don't mean any dis-respect by the title of this post, I titled this way so maybe some would be enticed to go ahead and read it.

Grace & Peace

Monday, March 06, 2006


Grace Conference: Dallas

At the urging of some friends that blog I will give my experience on the conference at Dallas last week.

First of all there is no doubt of the spirit of grace evident on the faces and actions of most all that were there.
Of all the speakers there I have to say that Mr. Ryrie touched my heart most of all. His ability to bring events in the bible home to 2006 is tremendous. What I really liked was his message from Acts as a call to all of us who are saved by the simple of message of faith in Christ alone for salvation to walk clean or blameless before God, so that God can use us in a dying world to show His grace to them.

Mr. Hodges is such a gifted speaker and communicator. I like his examples and the style he uses. I have not read much of what Mr. Hodges has written, but what I heard from him down there really interest me.

I also enjoyed Richard Seymour's & Freddie Coile's workshops. They stressed the need to proclaim a clear gospel that is so much needed in churches and evanglistic preaching today.

I have some critique's though.
I did not agree with one of the plenary speakers message that if a person does not believe in eternal security at the time he believes in Christ for salvation, then that person does not have everlasting life. I think it is a stretch to put a burden on person to know that God has saved them forever at the time they first believe. When we are lost we are part of this world system of performance or doing something for self-worth. After a person believes, this does not just go away over night. In fact Paul stressed walking by the same faith as when we first believed. The world system of doing in order to get (anti-grace) is deeply ingrained in the flesh, it is impossible to bring this under control, in fact Paul says our flesh is corrupted and being corrupted. We still live in this fleshly body with all its desires. I troubles me that those who mature in the faith forget what it is like to be a new Christian and try to burden down requirements on people, truth that they themselves did not know until months or years of understanding what had happened to them at the time of their conversion. Trying to say that a person HAS to believe in eternal security at the time of conversion is really no different then those who try to add works as a condition.

All in all I really enjoyed my time there and will take time reading the books and pondering what I heard for the next few months and decide if I accept every part of it. Ever since I came back to the Lord in 2004 I have this mantra that I proclaim. Its Colossians 2:8 we all would do well not to let any teaching or doctrine set itself up above Christ Himself, Who is eternal life.
Following philosophy and traditions is what led to my fall from grace early in my Christian life. By God's grace and the Holy Spirit I determine not to let that happen again, it has no power over the flesh and it leads to pride of which we all know that pride goest before the fall.

Grace & Peace

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