Wednesday, December 29, 2004


Who do I think I am........................?

I am guilty totally guilty:
of thinking that because I am a believer and reared here in the "heartland" and live in a "red state" that I know what is right for our nation and all those "ungodly" liberals in the blue states don't have a clue!
Ya know this self-rightious crap is nothing more than the guy thanking the Lord that he is not like the other guy (in the blue state).
Have mercy on me, you guy-gal in the blue state and forgive me for my attitude toward you. I am sorry.
I may not agree with you, but I have no right to sit myself above you and say in my heart that you have no clue and I do. We both have "clues"


This is my first ever blog and hopefully the start of many more from Sooner Land. (sorry Stillwater I am still glad I'm not like you)


and stillwater cowboys your invited to my house anytime.......just refrain from wearing ORANGE when you come over.

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