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Lou Martuneac & Hyper-fundamentalism!

Lou Martuneac has fallen victim to Hyper-fundamentalism. I feel sorry for him and all those who are being poisoned by this ISM.

Lou, Hyper-fundamentalism is dangerous! It is rooted in legalism and those who depend on their "perfect" lifestyle and "perfect" reading of scripture to be acceptable to God.

The biggest problem with this legalistic approach to relating to God is other relationships are void of love. Relationships are superficial to the hyper-legalistic-fundamentalist and most are void of emotional contact. It is so deceptive that the person thinks that admonishing others on fundamental grounds is actually loving them. Jesus got on the Pharisees case about not caring for their parents with their money. Why did they not do such a basic act of human love? Because they actually thought God wanted their money and would be upset if their parents got it before Him. How messed up is that?

But the person caught up in this poisonous ISM is trapped. They may sense that something is wrong but if you can only relate to God in this way then change is as fearful as going to the lake of fire. Because if you think God is this stern and without mercy then your trapped with no way out, you must keep tearing down others on the alter of fundamentalism that has been erected in your fleshly mind.

Final words:

Run, run as fast as you can away from a hyper-legalist-fundamentalist! It is poison and in the case of those who are not born again this can make you twice as much a son of hell.

I was going to post a sarcastic caricature of Lou's comments to me on another blog. But somehow when I went to do it I was lead into something I had never thought of before.

God is love and in Him there is no darkness.

God IS love, He not only loves He IS love.

Grace & Peace

Hi Kris,
Yesterday I experienced a paradigm shift of colossal proportions. As I was typing out this comment I realised I was writing a post, so...

I will soon do a post on it.

May God bless you abundantly,
I appreciate you sharing your thoughts on this. You are always a breath of fresh air when you visit my blog.

Can I ask what you are referring to when you said you were led into...:

...something I had never thought of before.?


First let me say I have edited the original post. I have taken out the comments about drug dealers, addicts, etc. I didn't feel right when I added that to begin with & my wife convinced me that my original doubts were correct. She is very smart.

Ok, your question, "Can I ask what you are referring to when you said you were led into...:

...something I had never thought of before.?"

The very first paragraph was the beginning of a sarcastic caricature of Lou's responses to anyone who doesn't agree with him. Can you see the sarcasm? The second paragraph is not meant to be sarcasm at all, I really believe what I said.

BTW, I see he has given Jonathan Perrault a dose of 'hyper-fundamentalism' since JP defended a person who Lou disagrees with.

Anyway back to what happened to my post. After I wrote that first paragraph I realized I should not be "making fun" or "tearing down" another person who claims the same Lord as I do. Even though I thought he was wrong & still do think that.

After reading sanc's comments on not writing Lou off on the UAG blog, I knew there was truth in that. So after I began this post I know the Spirit within me lead me to write what is actually going on with people who come across as hyper-fundamental or theological legalist.

I know this post may sound arrogant and assuming but I have to let it speak for itself, I really don't belive it was all my doing.

So I am telling the truth, I originally was going to blast Lou with sarcasm and caricature his comments toward me & others, but I couldn't do it.

But I have to be honest, there is a part of me that would love to put Lou 'in his place'. But I am not called to do that, that belongs to our Lord.

John's post on Love was great, and love is what the world will see to know we are truly His.

Let us all show others that we can agree to disagree with love for one another. 1 Corinthians 13 should be our guide to know we are really loving others.

I appreciate you and John alot, and enjoy commenting on your blog. You do a much better job at it than I could ever do.

One more thing, Rose.

I am in no way condoning what Lou has done to you this past year in my post. He is clearly wrong and does need to correct that.

We still must love be called sons of the most high.
We still must love to be known as sons of God.

I want to ask your forgiveness for not taking care to listen to you and spending some quality time visiting your blog.

I am truly sorry that I caused any pain, I don't want to do that, I prefer instead to encourage you. I noticed that you said this:

So after I began this post I know the Spirit within me lead me to write what is actually going on with people who come across as hyper-fundamental or theological legalist.

I don't want to bring attention to my neglect of you but I think I understand the struggle here. First, how do we be gracious, and second, when we're gracious how do we not "condone" as you made clear in your final comment?

It takes a good deal of meditation on my part to try and figure this one out too. (Is this something you think about as well?)

I think one of the things I am realizing is that there is this extremely old and dead practice of abandonment with those who deserve to experience separation. When I see a brother in sin, I used to just say, "That's gross." Now I realize that instead it's a gift from God that I was put into the right place at the right time and close enough to this brother to be made sensitive to his sin. It's just a pull of the Holy Spirit to minister.

And I think that this kind of ministry is done through using strict boundaries and enforcing them, yet simultaneously lathering on the love. :D

With my little children, this is how I tame their little souls.

What thoughts do you have on this? I look forward to hearing.

Thank you so much,
Thanks for commenting Michele,

I far I am concerned you don't need forgiveness from me, you have not offended me in the least. But if you feel that way then forgiveness is freely given.

I do struggle with being gracious while not condoning what I disagree with. I won't be perfect but I hope I will be open to make things right when I need to.

Jesus seems to be more gracious with those who don't claim to know every jot & tittle of doctrine or traditions. At the same time He seems to be right up front with those who are hyper anything.

I agree that boundries are important but what are right boundries in certain circumstances? I honestly don't know all the time.

I reread my reply back to you and it seems like an admonishment more than an answer to your question. I am not admonishing and I am sorry it came across that away at least when I reread it.

I am going to post some other thoughts on hyper-fundamentalism soon. I need some more time to bring further thoughts in my mind to clarity.

I hadn't thought it sounded like an admonishment at all, brother. :~)

I was just asking you to clarify what it was that you had not thought of before because I am sure you had thought of God being love, right? I think you were saying that viewing a cantankerous person with love rather than sarcasm is something that you had not thought of before, but I am still not positive. It's OK, though!!!

Your overarching point is well received here. :~)
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