Monday, August 20, 2007


He was loyal.

I buried my dog Luke last Friday afternoon. He was born in August 1992, the picture was taken Christmas 06. I had to put him to sleep Friday. Luke was 15 years old and spent all 15 years of his life with me. He was the most loyal dog a man could have ever hoped to have.
I know he was only just a dog, but my heart aches so much. I loved that dog so much...........Thank you God my Father for giving him to me.
If I could only be as loyal to You as he was to me.

Kris...what a beautiful dog. I am sorry for your loss.
He looks like a great dawg! I can relate. I lost a 15 year old dog some years back. It is very hard. I will hate it when my current dog must die. She is only 2, so I hope that is far off.

Hey, are you really 250 years OLD!!!!?
Hello Kris, I've wandered over from Rose's blog. I'm so sorry for your loss. We just lost our 18 year old cat in June so I certainly know how painful it can be to loose a beloved pet. They become so much a part of your life and every pet is special in it's own way. My condolances to you and yours.
Thank you all, for your kind words. I never knew I would take losing this dog so hard till the loss was finally realized this past week.

250 yrs old? Rose did I miss something?
Kris, loss of any kind is difficult when one loves what one has lost. I pray you find a little lab to wiggle its little tail into your heart. There is one somewhere who is looking for you. selahV
p.s. saw your obituary notice at Rose's.
Click on your name to go to your profile ... and check your "age."
thanks selahv.

Rose, thanks, looke at it now, its much much better. :)
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