Friday, August 31, 2007


Busy Body!

The picture on the left is a sign as you leave a small southeastern Okla. town.
179 people.....that is more than most churches have attending. I have an aunt that has always been a "busy body" and she has been going to church off and on all her life. I think she should just stay home and everyone should boycott her constant phone calls pretending to be concerned for others. She is a gossip and hardly anything good comes from her tongue.

Am I wrong for thinking she should be told to stay home unless she repents of her whoremongering with words that do not build up the body of Christ?

Let's see: What is the biblical prescription for change? I'm tempted to say: "Keep her in the church where you can have some control over her." And, I don't think you're called to be too anxious to kick her out without due process. Even if you think that she's already had every chance to repent . . . has she been formally confronted with her sin by one deacon or pastor and then three (one could be a deacon's or pastor's wife so she didn't feel so ganged up on by men). I've been disciplined by a church. If it's done well, it can be very restorative.
Thanks for your thoughts, Carla.

I think I am way to close to this deal. I have seen her (and yes I am judging) act this way my entire life.

Right now, I do not see any positives for her being involved with anything at the church. At the same time there is not any thing positive in me harping about it either.
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