Friday, August 31, 2007


Busy Body!

The picture on the left is a sign as you leave a small southeastern Okla. town.
179 people.....that is more than most churches have attending. I have an aunt that has always been a "busy body" and she has been going to church off and on all her life. I think she should just stay home and everyone should boycott her constant phone calls pretending to be concerned for others. She is a gossip and hardly anything good comes from her tongue.

Am I wrong for thinking she should be told to stay home unless she repents of her whoremongering with words that do not build up the body of Christ?

Monday, August 20, 2007


He was loyal.

I buried my dog Luke last Friday afternoon. He was born in August 1992, the picture was taken Christmas 06. I had to put him to sleep Friday. Luke was 15 years old and spent all 15 years of his life with me. He was the most loyal dog a man could have ever hoped to have.
I know he was only just a dog, but my heart aches so much. I loved that dog so much...........Thank you God my Father for giving him to me.
If I could only be as loyal to You as he was to me.

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